Looking for Jilin WeChat Entrepreneurs

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Founding of new China70anniversary,The footprints of WeChat entrepreneurs are always in the big footprints of national development..They put their own story and the story of the times,Connect with WeChat.Today,WeChat Official Union10Media partners、6Together with Tencent.com.,Across the country"Looking for WeChat Entrepreneurs".
Perhaps you have heard their story.
In Beijing,Li Xinyang, a blind masseur, started a day's work on a small program.;>>Click to read
In Shanghai,Small program developerTerryStill at peace with"Garbage classification"Fight;>>Click to read
In Guangzhou,Founder of the Public NumberBlakeHe still keeps the habit of turning on the computer anytime and anywhere to start writing articles.;>>Click to read
In Xinjiang,Maiti Aili, the first WeChat vendor in Koshtag, sold several fresh corn crusts;>>Click to read
Maybe you are them.
A person who continues to produce content on a public number.,A person who uses small programs to create services.,People Creating Smart Life Behind WeChat Payment,People who continuously give value to WeChat ecology……You are all entrepreneurs in WeChat.
Now we want to record more stories of struggle.
?You can tell other people's stories..What are the chances for WeChat entrepreneurs around you,What is the connection with WeChat ecology,What kind of value is created?
?You can tell your own story.When did you get acquainted with WeChat,What changes have taken place in your life here??Welcome to recommend yourself or recommend yourself..
We will interview and record the stories of the selected clues.,And distribute a exquisite wechat souvenir to the clue provider..
Request for cases
1.The content of starting a business must conform to national laws and regulations.;
2.Entrepreneurial content is related to WeChat ecology,Entrepreneurial identities include, but are not limited to, applet developers and operators.、WeChat Public Number Operator、Wechat payment merchant、WeChat Ecological Service Provider、WeChat Expression Designer、Wechat community operators, etc.;
3.Entrepreneurial stories have positive social energy.,Can provide people with spiritual wealth and positive strength,Or to regional economic development、Leading Role of Scientific and Technological Innovation;
4.There is no limit to the stage and scale of starting a business..
Collection time
Solicitation entrance
Click at the end of the article."Read the original text",Please tell us a story about WeChat entrepreneurs
Soliciting mailboxes:weixinchuangyezhe@qq.com
Mailbox submission example:
kingAA,21Years old,Telephone135XXXX2222,Micro signalXXXX
Identity characteristic:wechat public accountsXXXFounder and Operator
Brief introduction to the story:300Within words
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