Look at derivative、Social e-commerce marketing,What can the household industry learn?

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2019Year1Month1day,《Electronic Commerce Law of the People's Republic of China》Formal implementation,Micro-merchants are included in the category of e-commerce operators.It is not easy to do any business well.,Faced with a pile of problems,For example, tourists、Sales channel、after-sales service、Sources of goods, etc.The term derivative seems to have entered our life for a long time.,But in addition to some friends involved,Most people are still unfamiliar with derivative..Derivative is a space based on mobile internet.,With the help of social software as a tool,People-centered,New business with social ties,There is a short definition is,Wechat Business=Consumer+Communicator+Service provider+Entrepreneurs.

A Successful Derivative,You must have done a good job in these areas.:

1、Maintenance of social relations:Microcredit needs strong social skills.,Not only can we develop a broad network of people,At the same time also can have enough heart to maintain,I believe there are hundreds of friends in your address book,But how many people can send a message a year??In addition,Micro-businesses often need to establish personal brands as well.,In order to better promote the stability of social relations;

2、Familiar with business products:Be a product expert,To be a successful carrier of goods;

3、Marketing promotion expert:Smart derivatives can be based on the characteristics of their customer groups,To carry out different marketing promotion,Many people edit the copywriting themselves.、Take pictures of yourself、Fix one's own map,Be forced to become a marketing expert;

4、Know how to measure and measure:The emergence of WeChat,Let a lot of businesses start to be able to directly contact a large number of customers through mobile social networking.,But we need to grasp the scale well.,Don't stop flicking the screen., Advertising only,content of the empty,Derivative without interaction is not only blocked,They will also be blacked out..

Micro-commerce has developed to this day.,There are many team divisions and abilities behind it..A good micro-business team is very good.,Have professional activity planning、Copywriting team,There are also professional trainers,It's like a nest of small bees that divide and cooperate.,The management of the whole micro-business team is very impressive.、Be encircled and puncturable,Only in this way can we keep sending all kinds of advertisements in our circle of friends every day..

Personally,,I respect the new type of individual economy.,An excellent derivative,He must also be an outstanding businessman..And,Characteristics and advantages of derivative in this field,It is worth learning from every business person..

Representatives of social e-commerce,And the changes brought about by live e-commerce

Come out of a derivative,Let's look at the social e-commerce field represented by micro-commerce——Gather micro shops.

Ji Yun is a store set up at the mobile phone end.app,Provide beauty makeup for shopkeepers、Mother and infant、Health food and other ten thousand kinds of supply,There is also a commercial copy,Hands-on training,yijiandaifa,Dedicated customer service and other special services,It is a personal retail service platform.

In my understanding,The gathering of micro shops is actually a platform for micro businesses.,S2B2CThe model is to help micro-business to better complete business and sales volume..

When it comes to gathering at the core of the rapid rise,GatheredCEOXiao Shanglue thinks——It is social crowdsourcing that enables and promotes traffic through the industrial chain,Reduce the owner's business cost to a minimum.Shopkeepers gathered here mainly consist of three groups.:The first category is after brands have gradually become more and more popular through e-commerce channels.,Small and Medium Distribution Sellers Losing Price and Logistics Competitive Advantage.Secondly,Is the traditional business supermarket tens of millions of shopping guides;There is more than5400Ten thousand"Baoma"Groups.

The gathering has become the largest professional team behind the micro-business.,But also caught idle human resource in time.,Promoting the development of individual economy.

Another trend of social e-commerce is,With the development of mobile Internet,"Live ecommerce"Become a new outlet.

KOLOr traffic online red live recommended goods,Users can share it freely.,Stimulate more people to participate in the live broadcast.,At the same time stimulate transformation,Becomes the present popular selling method,Its essence is also a business model that relies on social relationships..

Live ecommerce,Refers to those who are in e-commerceAppA New Situation of E-commerce with Stores Live Selling Scene,E-commerce anchors will use their professional eyes and rhetoric to induce people to purchase,To introduce one commodity after another.Of course,You can also directly understand that——TV Shopping in Mobile Phone.

Of course,There is still a certain difference between live e-commerce and TV shopping,The live e-commerce anchor himself is traffic,Creating Real Scenes for Fans through Real Personality,A strong relationship of trust has been formed..In addition,Ways of social interaction,Can bring a strong sense of substitution to consumers.

Personally, I think,In essence, he is the online anchor of live e-commerce,Is an upgraded version of the micro-business team,To create a more powerful individualIPAnd a more cohesive fan base,And through more interaction、Substituting stronger shopping experience to realize commercial value.Live E-commerce Takes Advantage of Online RedIP,Through social fission+E-commerce realized commercial realization.

Inspiration for New Retail at Home

Last,How do these new business forms help the home retail industry??

The traditional household industry is like a giant wheel moving slowly forward.,Both crew and passengers are looking forward to its acceleration..Because of its high price、Low frequency、Non - standard、Reasons such as heavy offline experience,In fact, it has been developing very slowly..

From derivative、Who gathered in micro stores and broadcast live e-commerce,I actually saw a lot of bright spots.,Can be in the home this heavy plate or has caused some waves,Bring about greater possibilities for change.

1、Building Individual Brands,Building social networks

There are many household enterprises now.,Will organize employees to understand the company's products、Brand、Performance and so on to carry on the continuous circle of friends propaganda,In fact, this is also a kind of community operation mode with the company as the main body..

Learning Community Marketing of Micro-business,In fact, it is not just the publicity of friends circle.,But in any possible exposure channel,Through effective distribution,Spread your products and brands,To reach more potential users,Channels include tremolo、Know almost、Douban, etc,A competent company also needs to organize a special operation team to be responsible for it..

Different from the traditional propaganda positions(Media、Newspapers, etc)The official vocal properties of,The spread of current social platforms,More with social relations and trust foundation,Therefore, the focus and route of communication in this area are different..

2、Through new methods such as live broadcasting,Exerting Idle Human Resources

For the household retail industry, where competition is increasingly fierce,Merchants may need to bring into play the relatively idle human resources offline to improve the density and effectiveness of marketing..

Direct passenger flow in traditional offline stores has been relatively small,The offline personnel are relatively idle..Through live broadcast、Other social platforms and other ways to reach more online customers.

Of course,I also see that many companies have begun to use short videos with trembles.、WeChat Public Number to Promote.But I might expect more,Off-line retailers also use these platforms.,So as to give full play to the value of manpower..

3、Building trust relations,Promoting Word of Mouth Dissemination

In addition,Compared with e-commerce retail,Most of them are exported by relatively standard commodities.,It is very difficult to have customer relationship precipitation..But offline retailing has its natural advantages.,Available geographical location、Advantages of the same city,Establish closer ties with users,So as to form a trust relationship between users..

The author believes that,Accumulation of customer groups,It is essentially a trust-based traffic depression.However, new home retailing is a relatively low-frequency business.,Therefore, it is necessary to introduce old customers by word of mouth.,To realize commercial value.It is very important that old customers can carry out systematic maintenance.,Building archives of old customers,Carry out stability、Effective after-sales service,Strengthen after-sales service contact.