Ma Huateng officially announced,WeChat Enlarges for Microfinance!Net friend:Happiness comes too suddenly!

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as everyone knows,Ma Huateng's Tencent Group Positions itself in Social Communication,Make one's fortune socially,Its current coverage involves mobile payments.、Financial lending、Game、Conduct financial transactions、Insurance and other fields,On the social front, WeChat andQQIt can be said that no one can shake the position.,The number of users both exceeded one billion,In terms of games, Tencent is one of the fastest gold-absorbing areas.,In the case of the glory of the king,It is said that the daily income is in billions.,But now the most popular chicken eater is all over the country.,The most popular area since then is financial lending,Internet finance,In recent years, Tencent's organizational structure has been continuously adjusted. ,Ma Huateng's strategic direction is also advancing with the times.,With this good hand,Ma Huateng once advanced"the head of wulin"The throne of.

At this time WeChat chose finance as its key development.,The first product launched is called granny loan.,Microfinance has long been regarded as WeChat's representative work in the field of financial lending.,As demand exceeds supply,WeChat continued to go online last year for turnover.,Let's take a closer look at the financial lending platforms based on WeChat Public Number;

1;Microfinance:This is reflected in WeChat Jiugongge,Maximum quota30Ten thousand,Interest is also more populist.,However, the problem of difficult opening makes users complain that micro-credit is only a legend..

2、Turnover:This one is looking for opening in WeChat Licaitong.,Just like the micro-credit loan, it refers to the amount under the credit system of the bank..For this newly launched WeChat benefit,The turnover interest is even lower.,However, it is relatively biased towards the wealth value of users..

3、Jinbao, a web merchant:This is on WeChat"Jinbao, a web merchant"Public platform application,For sesame score requirements550Points or more are acceptable.,The quota is higher than that of flowers.,Minimum1Ten thousand,The highest is30Ten thousand,Very convenient.

WeChat's micro-credit in the field of financial lending has a large background.,Microfinance is the first Internet bank in China launched by Microbank,Claims to be up to 300,000 yuan,Interest is only fifteen thousand dollars.,That is to say, borrowing ten thousand dollars only requires five dollars each.,At the same time, the loan term is relatively flexible.,Highest20You can also pay it back as you borrow it next month..Perhaps because of his noble status,Therefore, there are certain restrictions on the opening,He cannot apply on his own initiative.,It is based on the system's assessment of you.,After the evaluation, if combined The credit score is not bad.,Will invite you to open,Therefore, for this reason, very few people are able to open micro-credit loans and borrow money smoothly..

But everyone is also very upset about this.,When you want to borrow money, you can't see the micro-credit loan.,Some netizens have used WeChat for several years but have never seen a micro-credit loan.,At this time, the official news of the micro-particle loan is also good news.,Microfinance now does not require an official invitation,As long as ordinary users can invite each other to open,The threshold was suddenly lowered.,Some netizens were like ants on a hot pan when they needed money.,This time, the release of the micro-credit is simply too good for netizens.,Nice call.

We can see that the granulite loan has lowered its noble body,At the same time in order to encourage everyone to use to open,The micro-particle loan is returned every month.888An interest-free coupon,The maximum amount was 40,000 yuan,Interest-free for one month,Today also happens to be the 1st,Everyone can go to rob,This is definitely a timely rain for users without micro-loans,Many netizens have tens of thousands upon opening,But there are also some netizens who still can't open it,I will now talk about how to open up large-scale micro-credit loans..

First;Brush water in advance,A few days before you want to open it,First add a few WeChat friends to transfer money to each other and give red envelopes.,Brush up the running water,Don't withdraw the money immediately.,You must spend the night in your change purse..

Second;Increase financial value,Buy a little wealth management product in Tencent Richcom ten days in advance.,To increase their financial value,If there is no money, you can buy hundreds of dollars.,Then wait a few days before selling it.,Then repeat the purchase.

Third;Information unification,To bind a credit card、Bank card、And mobile phone real name must unify a person's information,Let the system detect that you are trustworthy.,Is also a real person,If the other party doesn't know about you,Even real people will not lend you money..

Fourth;Active attack,After the above points have been made,We are going to choose to attack,Ask someone to invite you to open it..

If you want to open a micro-credit loan, you may as well try this method.,Now share these methods with you, hoping they will be useful to you.,If you also want to invite those who have launched a micro-credit loan, you can also leave a message at the bottom to quote the number.,When the time comes, call a netizen with a high quota and invite everyone to open it directly..For the opening of micro-credit loans,If you have other opinions, please leave a message and discuss them together.!